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DIY Inductive Pickup..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 24, 2006

In an earlier post entitled Home Dyno, Adam mentioned the inductive pickup we made to record the spark pulses from the engine. I thought i would go into more detail on how to make one of these yourself.

Step 1: Get a piece of copper plumbing pipe (10mm copper pipe).. we were lucky as id just recently had some plumbing work done so there happened to be a piece lying around. Using a hacksaw, start cutting through the center, along the length of the pipe for about 3 cm. Now cut through the pipe so you are left with two halves of 3cm long copper.

Step 2: Take your two copper halves and place them around one of the high tension leads. Use a bit of electrical tape to hold them together. There must be contact between the two halves.

Step 3: Connect the positive lead of you cable to the copper pipe and tape up the lead. It is important that all the copper pipe and the lead are covered by the tape so the shielding we will add will not be in contact with the copper.

Step 4: Wrap the taped up copper pipe in aluminium foil. The foil acts as shielding to reduce the pickup generated by the other high tension leads.

Step 5: Connect the earth lead from the cable to the negative terminal on the battery.

Now all thats needed to record your spark pulses is a laptop or digital recorder.

Step 1 Step 1, part 2 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5


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DIY Boost guage..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 21, 2006

As you have probably guessed we are all about DIY here. We are going to make our own boost guage measuring the voltage output from the 2 Bar MAP sensor. Anything above 2.5 volts will be considered boost and can be tracked accordingly via a chip called the LM3914. It has 10 LED outputs that will light up when certain voltages are reached. Here is the prototype board Greg is making for us to house the chip and the LEDs. If you want more information on how it works or how we are going to get the signal from the MAP sensor, drop us a line. We will show you what it looks like when we actually do it but for now its just an idea.


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A fish called “Michael”..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 21, 2006

Every now and then it still amazes me at the speed in which obscure information can be obtained by 'googling' on the web. An example was last Sunday. I was feeding our Siamese Fighting Fish "Michael" while Kristy was out. Being the detective I am id noticed lately he had started displaying a level of laziness that would rival my previous ex-house mate! He seemed to be resting on the bottom of the tank and would only come up for air (Siamese Fighters have a lung and need to come to the surface to breathe).

I went to the computer and 'googled' "sick" "fish" "resting on the bottom" "bottom heavy" and within 8 minutes I had established my fish had.. (duh duh duuuuhhh!!) CONSTIPATION! Yes thats right, he had symptoms of a common condition called swim bladder disease. Sure enough in a few more minutes I had learnt of at least 5 causes for the condition, the typical symptoms and more importantly a cure for his lack of bowel movement.. and it gets even stranger. The cure for such constipation was to feed him peas. So off I rushed cooking a single pea in a glass full of boiling water from the kettle. Once cooked after a few minutes I pealed the pea with a pair of tweezers and began mushing up the pea and feeding him the "meat" of the pea via two toothpicks sticky-taped together. He lapped up the pea scraps and headed back to the bottom to rest. I am now up to day 3 of the pea diet for him and will let everyone know how he goes. He does seem much more active but still displays a slight bulge behind his front fins.

Needless to say, the internet still amazes me how in a matter of minutes I can become a fish expert of 20 years! ..but speaking of bowel movements I ah.. best be off.

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SC12 Supercharger..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 20, 2006

Here it is in all its glory. Thanks to a guy called Robin with an AW11 MR2, we obtained an SC12 for a decent price. We initially thought it might not fit in the A/C compressor side but upon actual inspection of the supercharger at Robin’s house we all decided it looked like it could shoe horn in there with some gentle persuasion. After a quick stop at Red Rooster on the way home from a 100km round trip of obtaining the supercharger, we made it home and the car ran great. Next up we plan to obtain a 2 bar MAP sensor and firstly reprogram it to cope with the new sensor. This sensor basically allows readings of pressure past atmospheric (boost in other words). The resolution is halved but we’ve been told that the interpolation of the mapping points can handle the loss in resolution from a 2 bar MAP sensor. If that sentence didn’t make sense, let me know and ill explain it further or point you in a direction where you can learn about GM MAP sensors.

Well that’s it for now. Stay tuned. If you want any info regarding what we have done so far or plan on doing, let me know.


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Home Dyno..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 20, 2006

Craig was telling me about some program that a mate used on his FTO to road dyno his car. The site is Apparently he had his car dyno’ed the proper way and then used this software to dyno his own car to compare. To his surprise he was able to get software power/torque curve very close to the real dyno’ed power/torque curve. We investigated this ourselves and decided to try it out after all the software was only $40US and we had heard of its success so thought it may be money well spent. The input of the program required a WAV file record of pulses coming out of your car from close to idle all the way to redline along with a bunch of specification parameters. An inductive pickup was the preferred method of obtaining this reading after much research. We attempted to use a proper inductive pickup without much success so we ended up making our own inductive pickup to record the pulses from the high-tension lead. We found a method where you use a piece of copper pipe cut in half (wrapped around the lead) connected to an insulated wire (with some step down resistors in it) wrapped in alfoil. The whole thing looked as dodgy as hell but it worked superbly. We then attempted to dyno every/any car we could get our hands on besides the Camira. Here are the curves for a standard Mk 4 Supra 3.0 litre manual non-turbo, an SW20 MR2 GT with light mods, and a stock S13 SR20DE manual in that order.. as well as the Camira's effort hehe..

Supra MR2 S13 JE Camira

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Week 4 and up until now..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 20, 2006

From memory we didn’t do much for a few weeks besides give it a good clean and start to make a cold air induction system to reduce the air temperature entering the intake. Here is a pic of the hideous hole we angle grinded out for the intake like the butchers we are. Here is also the flexible piping we are using that we bought from “Hosemart” in Wangara. We removed/literally ripped out the air conditioning and also some silly restrictive plastic shroud from in front of the radiator so we could get more air flow. We planned on putting the supercharger where the a/c compressor went, provided it would fit there!

piping  butchers

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Week 3..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 20, 2006

We were investigating how to read the diagnostics from the ECU through the ALDL connector. I forget what it stands for just now but the website is a fantastic place to start learning about obtaining ALDL diagnostics. We built a cable as per the instructions (well we actually didn’t make it, we gave the designs to the trusty electrical engineering department of our company and voila out popped a special cable in 30 minutes.. ah got to love your own electrical nerd department!), then plugged it into the laptop along with the WinALDL program that is free to download from

After a few teething issues, we were logging data from the ECU into pretty little Microsoft Excel graphs that didn’t mean much at the time. The key here is to learn all the acronyms and then ‘google’ all their functions to get an idea of what’s going on with all your sensors. If you have half a brain it wont take long to learn the “101 basics” of most of the sensors. The idea is to learn what your MAP and o2 sensors (amongst others) are doing or supposed to be doing. With no malfunction codes and routine checks of the sensors, the car seemed to be running fine according to the data. It felt fine on the road aswell. By the way, here is the picture of the little bastard (the '808), note the gregorys workshop manual in the corner and the diagnostic port in the other corner.

Excel graph cable 808

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Week 2..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 20, 2006

The car came with extractors but was causing massive issues with huge under bonnet temperatures. We decided on heat wrapping them. Here’s a tip when heat wrapping, use CV clips to secure it to the piping – works a treat. We have heard mixed opinions on the heat wrap but we thought fuck it. It worked quite well and certainly has reduced under bonnet temperatures from what it used to be. We also changed the leads as we had a slight misfire. After a coolant change, some other hose changes, alternator belt change and a fuel filter change, the car actually was running respectably.

Heat wrap

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Week 1..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 20, 2006

We got it home and basked in the glory of owning such an amazing piece of machinery! Haha, something like that anyway. Our initial issues: the engine sitting on the A/C compressor which in turn was sitting on the chassis, and also a fuel leak. Here is the picture of the broken front drivers side engine mount – very common apparently for this car. We changed both sides and the problem dramatically decreased. The return EFI line was also blocked and was creating some leakage. We got some new hose and the car was almost drivable.

Broken Mount

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The Search..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 20, 2006

We looked in the Quokka (Perth’s local classifieds rag) for a few weeks. I had my eye on a Camira Wagon 5 speed manual that kept dropping in price. We decided to go and have a look on the weekend. We got there and it looked as we’d expected, fairly good nick from the outside. Tidy would probably be the best way to describe it haha.. The bloke that sold us the car was this dodgy Bosnian bloke that had claimed to rebuilding the engine himself and installing power steering aswell – nice work hehe.. dodgy bastard. Anyway the car ran quite bad but we felt that the engine was in good condition. The rings seemed good and the engine felt strong, it just seemed to have some drivetrain (or engine mount issues that we later found out!) and some other things that were small. We parted our cash for it and hoped to make it home in one piece. Here she is.

Camira 1 Camira 2

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