Supercharged Camira..

Craig and Adam\’s attempt at adding an SC12 to a JE Camira wagon


Posted by superchargedcamira on June 20, 2006

Long story short, many years ago I researched the idea of reprogramming a Delco 1227808 ECU from a late 80’s Holden/Pulsar/Astra/Camira to run my Valiant 245 hemi engine. I had grand ideas of rigging up this “state of the art” fuel injection system onto my 1970 Valiant VG Safari wagon so it would run like a dream and was reliable. Back then (7 years ago), I knew a lot less than I do now and the web was a lot less helpful than it is today.

Recently – while daydreaming at work and getting frustrated about the expense of aftermarket ECUs, I kept thinking about a way of making an affordable, customizable ECU for an EFI project car – I dusted off those old thoughts about the Delco and began researching it again. I wasn’t really that surprised to find heaps of information in seconds about people hacking these ECU’s for a wide range of applications including 1UZ lexus V8s to 924 Porches to 400hp Silvias.

And like that a can of worms had opened! I leaned over the office divider of our corporate cubicle farm and said to Craig “Want to go halves in a Camira with me?!” and his response was.. “Why of course!” We then thought lets turbo it, so we have some decent re-mapping changes to do. Then the idea of supercharging it with an SC12 unit from an AW11 MR2 came into play as we wouldn’t have to get a custom exhaust manifold made and we thought it might not cost as much to supercharge.


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