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Craig and Adam\’s attempt at adding an SC12 to a JE Camira wagon

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Posted by superchargedcamira on June 20, 2006

Craig was telling me about some program that a mate used on his FTO to road dyno his car. The site is Apparently he had his car dyno’ed the proper way and then used this software to dyno his own car to compare. To his surprise he was able to get software power/torque curve very close to the real dyno’ed power/torque curve. We investigated this ourselves and decided to try it out after all the software was only $40US and we had heard of its success so thought it may be money well spent. The input of the program required a WAV file record of pulses coming out of your car from close to idle all the way to redline along with a bunch of specification parameters. An inductive pickup was the preferred method of obtaining this reading after much research. We attempted to use a proper inductive pickup without much success so we ended up making our own inductive pickup to record the pulses from the high-tension lead. We found a method where you use a piece of copper pipe cut in half (wrapped around the lead) connected to an insulated wire (with some step down resistors in it) wrapped in alfoil. The whole thing looked as dodgy as hell but it worked superbly. We then attempted to dyno every/any car we could get our hands on besides the Camira. Here are the curves for a standard Mk 4 Supra 3.0 litre manual non-turbo, an SW20 MR2 GT with light mods, and a stock S13 SR20DE manual in that order.. as well as the Camira's effort hehe..

Supra MR2 S13 JE Camira


One Response to “Home Dyno..”

  1. serjio said

    the link is outdated. could you please explain the basics – how it manages to provide such precise results? you just add wheel diameter, transmission gear ratios, vehicle weight and it makes all the calculations?
    could you please share the probe design? (pictures needed) – I want to create a tricky-sneaky strobe machine for igntion tuning

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