Supercharged Camira..

Craig and Adam\’s attempt at adding an SC12 to a JE Camira wagon

Week 3..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 20, 2006

We were investigating how to read the diagnostics from the ECU through the ALDL connector. I forget what it stands for just now but the website is a fantastic place to start learning about obtaining ALDL diagnostics. We built a cable as per the instructions (well we actually didn’t make it, we gave the designs to the trusty electrical engineering department of our company and voila out popped a special cable in 30 minutes.. ah got to love your own electrical nerd department!), then plugged it into the laptop along with the WinALDL program that is free to download from

After a few teething issues, we were logging data from the ECU into pretty little Microsoft Excel graphs that didn’t mean much at the time. The key here is to learn all the acronyms and then ‘google’ all their functions to get an idea of what’s going on with all your sensors. If you have half a brain it wont take long to learn the “101 basics” of most of the sensors. The idea is to learn what your MAP and o2 sensors (amongst others) are doing or supposed to be doing. With no malfunction codes and routine checks of the sensors, the car seemed to be running fine according to the data. It felt fine on the road aswell. By the way, here is the picture of the little bastard (the '808), note the gregorys workshop manual in the corner and the diagnostic port in the other corner.

Excel graph cable 808


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