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A fish called “Michael”..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 21, 2006

Every now and then it still amazes me at the speed in which obscure information can be obtained by 'googling' on the web. An example was last Sunday. I was feeding our Siamese Fighting Fish "Michael" while Kristy was out. Being the detective I am id noticed lately he had started displaying a level of laziness that would rival my previous ex-house mate! He seemed to be resting on the bottom of the tank and would only come up for air (Siamese Fighters have a lung and need to come to the surface to breathe).

I went to the computer and 'googled' "sick" "fish" "resting on the bottom" "bottom heavy" and within 8 minutes I had established my fish had.. (duh duh duuuuhhh!!) CONSTIPATION! Yes thats right, he had symptoms of a common condition called swim bladder disease. Sure enough in a few more minutes I had learnt of at least 5 causes for the condition, the typical symptoms and more importantly a cure for his lack of bowel movement.. and it gets even stranger. The cure for such constipation was to feed him peas. So off I rushed cooking a single pea in a glass full of boiling water from the kettle. Once cooked after a few minutes I pealed the pea with a pair of tweezers and began mushing up the pea and feeding him the "meat" of the pea via two toothpicks sticky-taped together. He lapped up the pea scraps and headed back to the bottom to rest. I am now up to day 3 of the pea diet for him and will let everyone know how he goes. He does seem much more active but still displays a slight bulge behind his front fins.

Needless to say, the internet still amazes me how in a matter of minutes I can become a fish expert of 20 years! ..but speaking of bowel movements I ah.. best be off.


6 Responses to “A fish called “Michael”..”

  1. Chetan said

    What the fark does this have to do with the Camira?

  2. Chetan said

    I guess i can write anything i want, cos it seems like nobody is commenting on anything.

  3. Chetan said

    This whole “Michael” thing should be included in the Adam’s Enlightening Moments section…..

  4. Jesus Chet, you read this website? hehe.. well done. This blog was posted almost a month ago but better late than never hey?


  5. Polish said

    so what happen to the fish? is it still on the bottom or have you killed it?

  6. Well, Michael has sadly died about 2 weeks ago. He recovered and was okay, he stayed on the bottom but then he worked out that he could rest on the plants up near the top so he did that so he didnt have to swim far to get air. Then he started turning white and it got worse and worse then he moved into the castle and only came out to get air. He was on his last legs cause he wouldnt eat and just stayed in his castle. Then one morning I found him dead in his castle – poor bastard!

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