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Reason for the JE Camira option..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 20, 2006

Initially I thought of getting an old bunky of a Corolla and converting a carby engine to run the Delco management. We basically just wanted a cheap car to test all this on. We opted out of converting a carby car as we thought it might be too much of a steep learning curve and we wanted to stay interested in the project and not put it in the “too hard basket” after a few weeks. So we decided on just getting the last Camira released (the JE model) and going from there. We had no intentions of some grand car with pearl paint and 18s. We wanted something simple and cheap and seeing as the Camira comes with that ECU we thought it would do fine. Seeing as we are both programmers, the whole thing was more of an exercise in re-mapping the ECU rather than mechanically engineering things here and there (which we still wont be immune to). But we figured we’d try and make it as simple as we could for ourselves initially. I did a bit of research and found the JE Camira wasn’t actually that bad a car and many individual reports from some owners having quite good runs out of theirs.



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Posted by superchargedcamira on June 20, 2006

Long story short, many years ago I researched the idea of reprogramming a Delco 1227808 ECU from a late 80’s Holden/Pulsar/Astra/Camira to run my Valiant 245 hemi engine. I had grand ideas of rigging up this “state of the art” fuel injection system onto my 1970 Valiant VG Safari wagon so it would run like a dream and was reliable. Back then (7 years ago), I knew a lot less than I do now and the web was a lot less helpful than it is today.

Recently – while daydreaming at work and getting frustrated about the expense of aftermarket ECUs, I kept thinking about a way of making an affordable, customizable ECU for an EFI project car – I dusted off those old thoughts about the Delco and began researching it again. I wasn’t really that surprised to find heaps of information in seconds about people hacking these ECU’s for a wide range of applications including 1UZ lexus V8s to 924 Porches to 400hp Silvias.

And like that a can of worms had opened! I leaned over the office divider of our corporate cubicle farm and said to Craig “Want to go halves in a Camira with me?!” and his response was.. “Why of course!” We then thought lets turbo it, so we have some decent re-mapping changes to do. Then the idea of supercharging it with an SC12 unit from an AW11 MR2 came into play as we wouldn’t have to get a custom exhaust manifold made and we thought it might not cost as much to supercharge.

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And so it begins..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 20, 2006

Hi all,

Right now im sure your asking… why? Dont worry ill be getting to that. Stay tuned, soon (hopefully the weekend) ill be updating with everything that's happened so far.


Adam & Craig

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