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Craig and Adam\’s attempt at adding an SC12 to a JE Camira wagon

DIY Inductive Pickup Revised..

Posted by superchargedcamira on July 24, 2006

It seems we may have fluked the DIY inductive pickup method mentioned last month. Reason being – we dismantled the original cable we had made (using 3 alligator clips!) in order to make a deluxe version with a hinge on the copper piping so it was all nice and easy to swap and attach onto various cars. After making the new deluxe version we found it stopped working. Regardless what resistors we used, we couldnt get a clear signal of the spark for the Home Dyno software to read. We tried no resistors, different types of resistors, different length copper piping, microphone boosting, etc.. We tried adjustable pot resistors and connected it to an oscilloscope to try and reproduce the signal as close to the original effort but it was to no avail. See the attached wav snippet of the original attempts. Notice the large spikes and low noise from the other sparks per revolution.

The next attempt we tried an old inductive pickup from an old timing light but the ferrite rod had cracked and this was only marginally better with some success but no consistency. Long story short, we bit the bullet and purchased a new inductive pickup ($40AU) for a timing light and connected the relevant step down resistors. A brief run was done and it looked to be working fine again but we wont know until the weekend to try it out numerous times.

The big question is though, how on earth we got it working in the first place with the dodgy cable we had made out of alligator clips?!



4 Responses to “DIY Inductive Pickup Revised..”

  1. You dodgy bastards 😉

    Does this mean that your last set of dyno graphs would be wrong, or are they still valid?

  2. No, no they are still valid – still the same pulses/pulse changes over the same duration… just that we couldnt reproduce the signal like the above image with the proper cable.

  3. Polish Thunder said

    i smell a rat
    can i buy a sandwhich?

  4. Haha ah Tom, good to see you read this every now and then.

    Sorry – your not a “gold” customer. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

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