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Camira Drivers..

Posted by superchargedcamira on August 31, 2006

Here’s a funny photo. If you dont know who or what CentreLink is, its an Australian Govt. department that gives unemployed bludgers and single teenage mother “breeding machines” (amongst other groups of bottom feeders) plenty of cash and assistance to live life without working a single day in their life. It would have looked better on a BMW though.



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Issues! [19th August 2006]

Posted by superchargedcamira on August 19, 2006

After talking with the nice people at the Pulsar forums ( about our troubles perhaps saying that the AMXY is inferior to the AKFL ROM is no more than an unsubstatiated opinion. Id like to confirm that what ever we write here is purely based on our biased opinions and inferior experiments with hardware we know little about – but are trying to understand.

After posting some diagnostic logs on the Pulsar forum, it had been pointed out that the EST (Electronic Spark Timing?) mode has been going on and off (even from day one with the AKFL rom). Abit about EST mode – Basically when the car starts and revs reach past 400 RPM, the ECM attempts to gain control of the timing over the standard mechanically set timing amount so it can advance and retard the timing as it sees fit. It seems from our diagnostics the EST mode on our car is being enabled and disabled erractically when driving the car. When the car goes out of EST mode im assuming it goes back to the base timing. Its strange because I thought you might have been able to feel this erracticness of timing changes but the AKFL chip seems to run the car fine (while the AMXY is still yet to be sorted and still runs like a pig on our car).

At this stage we are still hunting for clues as to the root of this problem and will also investigate the EST mode issue. On a brighter note, some of the nice people at the Pulsar forum are attempting to work on extending atleast the main spark map, I guess for the purpose of 2 or 3 bar MAP applications. If this is the case it would surely benefit us when the time comes to put on the 2 bar MAP sensor and the supercharger. At the moment, the plan is to get this ROM sorted out, once that is sorted and we dont have any other dramas with the way the car is running, we will attempt to put on the 2 bar MAP sensor and tune it with the limited map points we currently have – and see how it goes.

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More ROM changes..

Posted by superchargedcamira on August 12, 2006

Today we tried modifying the AMXY memcal to gain back some power in comparison to the AKFL memcal. We had partially received a reverse-engineered $54 definition file (for the AKFL) where we were able to copy the F1 Main Spark advance table, the VE (Fuel map) and F60 Open loop a/f vs MAP in place of the AMXY equivalent tables. It seemed the injector flow constant was different between memcals which we thought was strange. We tried replacing the AMXY injector flow constant with the AKFL equivalent but it didnt make much of a difference. If anything it seemed worse. Our thoughts were maybe the slightly more aggressive spark advance values, etc.. might help restore the power but this was to no avail.

While the original AMXY memcal made the car run like a pig, we were able to make the car run significally better; albeit still with a lack of power but atleast the car didnt feel like it was hunting to change the fuel amounts. With the WinALDL diagnostics running on the laptop you can tell if the car is adding or subtracting fuel by looking at the BLM and INT values. These values should be as close to 128 as possible at all times/load points. We burnt several memcals with the WinALDL diagnostics running to monitor the BLMs and we did get the AMXY modified enough to maintain near perfect BLMs, but the question is still what else we need to look for to return us that low-mid range torque and general extra pull you can feel with the AKFL. Its such a difference that you can feel on the road! Hopefully we will find what we are looking for soon enough.

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Posted by superchargedcamira on August 5, 2006

Today we tried dynoing the two chips to compare the power/torque differences. We still had problems getting Home Dyno to recognise the WAV file correctly from our new inductive pickup. Ive just come up with the goods though after a bit of research and playing around with the WAV files. I used the GoldWave program ( to try and reduce the noise in the WAV file and voila, I finally got a curve for each run. You can clearly see a noticeable difference between the two chips. I dont know whether this difference comes down to our particular car running in an odd way (for example the base timing we are yet to check) or if it is actually the tuning between the chips but what we know for certain is there is a definate difference felt on the road and seen on these graphs. Even just coasting down a hill in top gear the car backfires like a popcorn machine using the AMXY chip.

See the separate graphs below and the merged graph. (AKFL is on the left, followed by the AMXY, then the merged graph). Note also that our power output values are significantly different to our first run. This is due to the temperature conditions settings in Home Dyno (apparently they matter alot for accuracy). You need to get the temperature and the barometric pressure pretty spot on in order to do a decent and reliable comparison. So in summary, we cant really compare that original run to these runs because we didnt exactly know the figures for that day. We can compare the two chips on the same day however because whatever the reading, the dyno was done within minutes of each other.


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