Supercharged Camira..

Craig and Adam\’s attempt at adding an SC12 to a JE Camira wagon


Posted by superchargedcamira on August 5, 2006

Today we tried dynoing the two chips to compare the power/torque differences. We still had problems getting Home Dyno to recognise the WAV file correctly from our new inductive pickup. Ive just come up with the goods though after a bit of research and playing around with the WAV files. I used the GoldWave program ( to try and reduce the noise in the WAV file and voila, I finally got a curve for each run. You can clearly see a noticeable difference between the two chips. I dont know whether this difference comes down to our particular car running in an odd way (for example the base timing we are yet to check) or if it is actually the tuning between the chips but what we know for certain is there is a definate difference felt on the road and seen on these graphs. Even just coasting down a hill in top gear the car backfires like a popcorn machine using the AMXY chip.

See the separate graphs below and the merged graph. (AKFL is on the left, followed by the AMXY, then the merged graph). Note also that our power output values are significantly different to our first run. This is due to the temperature conditions settings in Home Dyno (apparently they matter alot for accuracy). You need to get the temperature and the barometric pressure pretty spot on in order to do a decent and reliable comparison. So in summary, we cant really compare that original run to these runs because we didnt exactly know the figures for that day. We can compare the two chips on the same day however because whatever the reading, the dyno was done within minutes of each other.



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