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Issues! [19th August 2006]

Posted by superchargedcamira on August 19, 2006

After talking with the nice people at the Pulsar forums ( about our troubles perhaps saying that the AMXY is inferior to the AKFL ROM is no more than an unsubstatiated opinion. Id like to confirm that what ever we write here is purely based on our biased opinions and inferior experiments with hardware we know little about – but are trying to understand.

After posting some diagnostic logs on the Pulsar forum, it had been pointed out that the EST (Electronic Spark Timing?) mode has been going on and off (even from day one with the AKFL rom). Abit about EST mode – Basically when the car starts and revs reach past 400 RPM, the ECM attempts to gain control of the timing over the standard mechanically set timing amount so it can advance and retard the timing as it sees fit. It seems from our diagnostics the EST mode on our car is being enabled and disabled erractically when driving the car. When the car goes out of EST mode im assuming it goes back to the base timing. Its strange because I thought you might have been able to feel this erracticness of timing changes but the AKFL chip seems to run the car fine (while the AMXY is still yet to be sorted and still runs like a pig on our car).

At this stage we are still hunting for clues as to the root of this problem and will also investigate the EST mode issue. On a brighter note, some of the nice people at the Pulsar forum are attempting to work on extending atleast the main spark map, I guess for the purpose of 2 or 3 bar MAP applications. If this is the case it would surely benefit us when the time comes to put on the 2 bar MAP sensor and the supercharger. At the moment, the plan is to get this ROM sorted out, once that is sorted and we dont have any other dramas with the way the car is running, we will attempt to put on the 2 bar MAP sensor and tune it with the limited map points we currently have – and see how it goes.


7 Responses to “Issues! [19th August 2006]”

  1. Andrew said


    I had the same problem with my N13 after a long fault finding found it to be the ECU.

    NOTE My 1.8 is now dead has a 100mm hole in the block from unknown cause was making 145 FWHP using a dyno program like yours at 6600rpm have mates looking at the block now we think the block failed. (rods/pistons are all intact.


  2. Andrew,

    Ive read that the ECUs dont have the best reputation for durability.. Seeing as they are such cheap items to source these days, it might be a good idea to get another one and see if the same problem still occurs.

    108kw! was that at the engine or wheels? awesome.. Im assuming it was force fed for those kind of figures if its atw?!


  3. Andrew said


    No not force feed it’s N/A.The moter only died on 19/8/2006 I have had some questions of the dyno program but it’s not mine.So 145 atw at 6600rpm had me asking questions as it felt like it was stronger at 7500rpm red line is at 8800rpm.I have an 300kw VX S/S junk heap and the Pulsar is quicker once off the mark.I did a lot of head work c/r 10-1 ,twin t/b manifold,cam,2.75″ exhaust,2.5″ secondarys,holden VL fuel pump running at twice normal n13 pressure 6 magna injectors and was playing with water injection.Ignition timing was all ways a problem would recomend a knock sensor and a wide band O2 sensor with loging the o2 sensor will be most important as the stock unit can not give you the information i think you will need to tune your project.On that note any information you can log can be used to make your tuning easyer.I am looking at building a 2.1 litre unit reving to 11000Rpm f1 stile more reves more power but we will see if it can run i will put it in a 700Kg Purvis Eureka.


  4. Sounds very interesting mate! Do you have a website or any more info on your mods?

    Yeah I dont think it will be an impossible task getting the s/c on and running okay, will def take alot of tuning and mods to the fuel pressure/injectors. A knock would be nice.. will see what happens.


  5. Matt said

    would it be possible to get a copy of the 2bar rom when you get hold of it?

  6. Andrew said


    I have no wedsite do have some pix if you like also found out the problem with my motor It has a broken/lost piston.


  7. GETAGRIP said


    I love it! When can I line up against it at the next MC Battle 🙂

    Crazy Kids, take care.

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