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Checking the timing..

Posted by superchargedcamira on September 9, 2006

Today we finally had the time to check the timing of the car. To do this according to the Gregorys manual, you jumper the A and B connectors on your ALDL diagnostics port, connect your timing light then start the car. We originally put in the AKFL chip and checked the timing. The crank marking lined up perfectly with the needle on the timing belt plastic cover. The cam also lined up with the cam marking at 12 o’clock indicating that the timing belt was on correctly and the timing was spot on. We marked the distributor with a texta to set the correct timing position and then proceeded to play. We advanced the timing a small amount and the car still drove fine with no pinging and a bit more power.

We decided to whack in the AMXY chip and check the timing. To our surprise it was retarded significantly? We adjusted the distributor again this time prob atleast a centimeter from the original marking clockwise. We then took it for a test drive and the car drove excellent with the standard AMXY chip. Probably not as responsive as the AKFL but the power was definately there in the later parts of the rev range.

After finding this out, we then put in our hybrid chip that we had made a few weeks ago with all of the main spark and VE tables, etc.. from the reverse engineered AKFL rom into the $5D definitioned AMXY rom. We checked the timing and it needed to be moved back to where the AKFL chip position was (about a half a centimeter clockwise from the original position). Once we did this, we took it for a spin and we had all of our power back. We dont quite understand why this was needed but will share more information as we ask questions from more informed people than ourselves. Yay!

** UPDATED 14/09/06 **

Just to confirm as Matt says below, the base timing should always be set correctly as the ECU is responsible for altering the timing once the ECU is in EST mode. If timing is advanced, all other timing references will be advanced and this could have consequences, so its best to set the timing correctly and perform all timing modifications in the rom at the various load points.


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