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2 Bar Map Sensor

Posted by superchargedcamira on October 2, 2006

Spent some time the other night creating the ecu bin for the 2 bar map sensor. I went and burnt an initial test rom so i could give it a try that weekend. First problem i ran into was that the connector for the standard map sensor didnt fit into the 2 bar sensor we had purchased. The plug looked correct however it turns out there are 2 small plastic guidance bits which are different on the two sensors. Im guessing thats just to stop someone accidently putting the wrong sensor in.. either way, it was nothing that a hobby knife couldnt fix. With a little bit of handywork that plug was fitting in quite nicely.

So with the sensor connected and the new rom in, it was time to see if she’d start. I turned over the engine and she started up just fine.. for about 3 seconds and then she stalled. I tried a few more times with the same result. I had the ALDL running and noticed it had triggered a malfunction flag for the O2 sensor.. I went and checked all the connections and they seemed fine, so i switched back to the 1 bar map and original rom and the car ran fine. I cleared the error code and tried again with the 2 bar.. same result, but no error code occured this time, so im not sure what the cause of that was.

I wasnt really sure what was wrong at this point, so i did some comparisons of the map readings on the ALDL from both sensors. The standard sensor gave an idle map reading of around 40, and the 2 bar gave an idle map reading of around 20 which is what i expected. Next i went and reviewed the rom settings and noticed that the idle spark advance for 20 map was really high, 29.88 degrees. The 30-70 map advance was 9.84. Now since i knew that with the normal map it was reading ~40, it would have been using 9.84 degrees, but the 2 bar was reading around 20, so it would have been using the 29.88 degree advance. I figured this was the problem, so i modified it to be 9.84 and burnt a new rom. When i tried it with the new rom, it idled very roughly then stalled.. not much better than before. So at the moment im a little stuck as to what the problem is.. im assuming it would need to either be air/fuel or spark advance, or maybe a combination of both.

Im assuming that when you start the car it uses the F1 IDLE (Idle spark advance) table, and either the F56 Cold Engine A/F and/or F57B Idle A/F tables? Can anyone confirm this? Any thoughts or ideas are more than welcome.


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Dyno Update

Posted by superchargedcamira on October 2, 2006

While i was in the US i picked up a digital voice recorder (Sony ICD-P320) to use for recording the dyno runs. Its got a 64 meg memory card, so it was plenty for what we needed. I gave it a try this weekend and it worked brilliantly.. its a hell of a lot easier than carting the laptop around. It also seems to do better recordings, i could put the records straight into HomeDyno without any filtering, all i had to do was convert the file from its proprietry format into a standard wav format.

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