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Hats off to Holden!

Posted by superchargedcamira on January 26, 2007

I never intended this blog site to include either myself or Craig’s biased opinions on anything, but I felt this strong urge to voice loudly my opinion on the heavily subsidised, massively under-engineered,  crack-smoking Australian company called Holden (after reading this blog entry on the blog site..

I’ll begin by saying Ive always had a “thing” against Holden – and Ive never been a “Ford man” either. I guess I would say I’m a Valiant kind of man haha (my first car was a 1970 Valiant Safari Wagon). Valiants in the old days were honest, powerful cars that quietly achieved in the shadow of much larger and higher budgeted car manufactures.

Anyway, I was trying to work out why I hate Holden so much. I thought, could it be the “P Plater” ute drivers with the Chev badges on the back and front, blasting out ACDC (or equivalent), attempting to drag anything off from the lights (and losing)? Could it be the Red VN V8 wagon with a hole in the exhaust I saw driving in the middle of two lanes with a left rear wheel that was so unstable it looked like it was going to fall off!? Could it be the numerous newer Commodores with personalised plates that attempt to spell as many words as they can fit in 8 letters that are related to dragging someone off from the lights and winning?! Could it be the massive crowd of young VL drivers that constantly voice to anyone not listening that their car is the best model ever made?! Could it be the 5 year old Barina with the badly sun damaged roof?! I could probably go on but Ive realised why I hate Holden so much.. its actually the same reason I love Holden (well love is a pretty strong word, ill settle for “like” then). Its the way they market their cars. “Australian 1 – Germany 0” is what was said in one of the newer VE Commodore ads. I cant believe they are even attempting to compare their cars to anything made from Germany! They market their cars as being so unbelievably amazing, reliable, powerful, fun, popular, sexy etc. etc. and the majority of people actually believe it!!

I don’t even need to take examples of things that Ive read on the internet, because I can just talk to my extended family, friends of friends, receptionists, acquaintances etc.. that all have bought a Holden in their time and have all had horrendous experiences with poor quality, design and workmanship throughout the entire range of Commodores (and other models). I think its amazing that Holden still manage to sell any cars after everything Ive seen and heard throughout my life. Ive come to the conclusion that a crude stereotype exists that shows me people that buy cars from Holden are either ill-informed, unaware, haven’t done their homework, or know absolutely nothing about cars.

The young people out their that stick Chev badges on their Commodores should really be sticking “Daewoo” badges on them because that’s what they are really buying – polished turds.

this is a fake turd


4 Responses to “Hats off to Holden!”

  1. Chet said

    hahahahahaha….that was a great read! I would love to see that published in a car magazine and just wait for the influx of reply letters to that one.

    Well said….and so true!

    By the way, nice pic of the new 1 billion dollar Commodore.

  2. I’m glad you didn’t rip us VL drivers to peices too much. I don’t think anything could drag me away from the ever classy VL. Although i’ve given away the whole loud music and banging subs ( my $1500 system is under my bed) and onto the modifying part of my life, and i truely am grateful that the unregistered peice of money pit is looking nice in my backyard 🙂

  3. And it was the best model ever made.

  4. Haha, ah Lexie.. I cant really rip VLs too much, their Nissan heart is a decent motor! Pity the VN (and subsequent model Commodores) went straight back to being a piece of poo!

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