Supercharged Camira..

Craig and Adam\’s attempt at adding an SC12 to a JE Camira wagon

Designs and Permutations

Posted by superchargedcamira on February 18, 2007

Had the day off a couple of weeks ago and used the time wisely to go see a Toyota/Subaru guru we know by the name of Tony Flood. The mission, to find out what all the little bits and pieces on the supercharger are.. well mainly the three little outlet pipes that we couldnt identify. Apparently they are designed to minimise the pressure difference between the vane end seals and the outside air. We found out that we were missing an electronic valve which controls the venting of these vanes. We have however, found a few people on the net who have just joined the vents without having the valve with no problems. After great difficulty trying to source this part, we may also end up taking this approach.

During our research we came across this document which describes in fairly good detail how the 4agze supercharger system works.. well worth a read.

Tony also explained how everything needs to be connected up, which was very helpful because our thoughts were wrong about a couple of things. The intake system needs to be configured as follows:

Air Filter -> Throttle Body -> Supercharger Intake -> Supercharger Outlet (with bypass valve back to intake for idle operation) -> Intercooler -> Intake Manifold.

This also meant we discovered another problem we would have to overcome. The throttle body is currently bolted directly to the intake manifold, so we have to relocate it accordingly.

 So todays job was to try and figure out how and where to position everything to achieve the required configuration. In doing this we found that we are definately going to have to get a shorter radiator, as the current one blocks the supercharger intake and our proposed intercooler piping path. The attached pictures show the original location of the throttle body, our proposed new location, and the superchargers location.

Throttle Body (Original Location) Throttle Body (Proposed new location) Front view of Supercharger location Crank Pulley and Supercharger Supercharger Mounting Bracket closeup


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