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More good fortunes..?

Posted by superchargedcamira on March 15, 2007

As we mentioned in our last posting, we needed to get a shorter radiator so we would have enough room for our SC and intercooler piping. Adam spent some time looking at different radiators on the net trying to find a suitable match, however little did we know, a perfect solution awaited us. There was a volvo radiator which looked about the right size for what we wanted, however it would have been quite difficult to source. We decided that we would go to the radiator specialist just down the road from work to see what they had available. Turns out he didnt really have much that was suitable, however the trip was far from a waste. He went through his book of radiators and found our JE camira one. Next to it was the spec for a JB camira radiator.. which was exactly the same as our JE one, except shorter.. suprise suprise. He said he could get us a new one for $400, but we had no intention on spending that much, so with our new found information, a quick ring around to some local wreckers found us a JB radiator for a much more wallet friendly $55.

That was the first part of our good fortune. When I got it home, i thought i would take a look at see how much effort was going to be required to mount it, as obviously because it was shorter, at least one side of mounting points would be different. Turns out that the JE and JB camira share the same chassis (or at least enough of it at the front end) that the car already had existing holes and mounting points for the JB radiator as well. All that was required was to shift a rubber grommit over to the next empty hole, and unscrew the top mounting and screw it into the JB holes. So the mounting processes took about 5 mins, if that. As this is a smaller radiator than the JE, we hope it will still provide sufficient cooling, but if not then we’ll just have to figure something else out.

So next step will be to plan and get our piping and mount the throttle body in its new location.

Below is a pic of the new shorter radiator (the old one used to cover all the way in front of the SC), and the mounting points on the chassis for both the JB and JE radiators.

JB Radiator Mounted Radiator mountings on the JE chassis


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