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Craig and Adam\’s attempt at adding an SC12 to a JE Camira wagon

Just a quickie..

Posted by superchargedcamira on April 17, 2007

Just a quick update to let you avid readers.. (waits for applause.. hears nothing but tumbleweeds) know where we are at. In the last post we mentioned we were searching for a replacement crank pulley. The crank pulley from the 1MZ is what we decided to go with, and it should do the job quite nicely (see pic below). Originally i thought we might need to take a small skim out of the center hole so it would slot onto our timing belt pulley, however turns out its just about a perfect fit. The diameter is correct, the only problem is that there is a small notch in the pulley which slots over a ridge on the timing pulley. There is a notch on the 1MZ pulley already, except its just a bit small, so we just need to open that notch up a little and it should fit like a glove. We will then need to drill holes for the 4 bolts which attach it to the timing pulley.

We have also made up a bracket for the intercooler so we can mount it to the chassis. (See pic below). The intercooler is secured to the underside of the L bracket by two bolts, and also at the top via the extension arm. The beauty of the extension arm, is that we can attach a mount (to support the intercooler pipping) to the top quite easily.

Speaking of piping, progress has also been made in that department. We made a rough piping layout using 1 inch PVC with 45 and 90 degree connectors. We then took this to one of Adams mates (who has a business building aluminium boats) to make us some 50mm piping. (see pic below). We got him to make us the piping in sections so we can position them properly for final joining. We also got him to modify the existing SC outlet pipes we had so they would fit our situation. He cut the flange from the original outlet pipe, and welded the piping from the original inlet pipe at a 90 degree angle so our outlet pipe came up over the SC (see pic below). Due to a lack of space, there was no other direction we could go.

So much for a quickie.. turned out to be quite a long post.

Crank Pulleys Intercooler with new mounting bracket Supercharger with new outlet pipe coming out above. Sections of the new piping


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