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Every garage should have a rattle gun

Posted by superchargedcamira on August 4, 2007

More good news, things went perfectly to plan today and the crank pulley saga is pretty much over. As you can see from the title of this posting, ive quickly developed a love for rattle guns. It has proven to be an exceptionally handy tool in achieving our objectives this morning.

First up we had to get the timing belt off. In theory it should have been easy.. well that is assuming one has the right tools. The gregorys camira manual made mention of a specific tool that was required along with an engineering diagram showing how to build one. The tool was basically a custom short handled spanner (46mm). We hunted around for a while trying to find some alternative (eg multigrips, large adjustables etc) however we just couldnt find anything that would either expand to 46mm, or actually fit in the limited area we had to work in. Basically the tool was designed to rotate the water pump housing to release the tension from the timing belt. As we didnt have any 10mm steel to make this tool out of, and couldnt be bothered going to find some, we improvised. Socket wrench on the cam timing pulley and some rotating back and forth poped the water pump lose from the block, making the timing belt easy to remove.

Next up was to remove that sprocket from the crankshaft. It just didnt want to budge with a socket wrench, however my new favourite tool, the rattle gun, made light work of it. While we had the rattle gun and compressor setup, we also changed the pulley on the alternator with a serpentine pulley we sourced at the jap wreckers a while ago. Perfect fit, its nice when things are easy. Now that was done, i took the chance to ensure that the alternator belt would line up correctly with the new crank pulley, and alas it did!

So off to the machine shop i went. Dropped off the sprocket for modification and went to get some M8 (8mm diameter) Cap screws (60mm long) which we were going to use as our new bolts for mounting the pulley to the sprocket. Must have been my lucky day, as the shop had just closed, but i was able to convince them to let me quickly grab the 4 bolts i needed. I got back to the machine shop and we set about drilling and threading our new holes in the sprocket. Once that was done we tested that the pulley and sprocket fitted together, which they did perfectly. The only change we had to make was take about 5mm off the end of the bolts, as they were slightly too long.

I learnt some interesting things about machining (metal work), even though a task such as drilling 4 new holes into the sprocket sounds very simple, its actually quite time consuming to setup the equiptment correctly so you have a perfectly accurate centre of rotation for positioning the drill bits at the correct offsets.

Below is 4 pics of the sprocket and pulley for your viewing pleasure.

Sprocket and Pulley Sprocket and Pulley Sprocket and Pulley Sprocket and Pulley combined


One Response to “Every garage should have a rattle gun”

  1. Bernie said

    Holy crap. You guys are finally making some progress! I’ll come visit once you have this bad boy running 🙂

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