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Its alive!.. again

Posted by superchargedcamira on September 3, 2007

Well we got the head back, all pressure tested and faced. Well the head is in great condition, pressure test was fine and apparently its rare to see them in such good nick. So that left us still unsure of the coolant leakage problem, all we’ve been able to come up with is that there was something wrong with the old head gasket (although it looked in pretty good nick), or perhaps the head bolts werent tightened enough. There was some build up on the cylinder block face which could have possibly affected the seal.

Anyhow, that just left putting it all back together. In the previous post i mentioned how the service manual was missing some info, well i was wrong. It would help if i actually read things through properly. There was a seperate section for disassembling the head which covered removal of the inlet manifold, and removal of the tappets, rockers etc.

Rather than bore you with the details of putting it all back together, ill just skim through the process. Started by cleaning the rest of the left over gasket glue from the head, inlet and exhaust manifolds using a razor. Also gave the top of the pistons a bit of a clean. Reattached the inlet manifold to the head before putting it back on the engine, which made it much much easier to get at some of the nuts. Put the head gasket on and mounted the head back onto the cylinder block. Next came putting the rockers and tappets back into place. The tappets needed a nice coating of oil before being put back in their seats. The rockers required a grease (molybdenum disulphide? or something) on the rocker contact surfaces. (If we had of read the manual properly we would have known that we were supposed to keep the tappets and rockers in order, so they would be returned to their correct seats). Only reason we can think of is that they would have worn in, so best to keep them as they were. Well we screwed that up, because we had no idea of the order. Oh well.. im sure its not the end of the world.. Next came the camshaft housing which required a loctite 515 seal (doesnt seem to be gaskets for this), and the manual said to use loctite 515, so who am i to argue. So the camshaft housing was gently put into place, the cam lobes resting on the rockers, however with no pressure the housing could not be seated properly. This required the head bolts to be inserted and tightened. So the headbolts got coated in oil and put into place. They were then tightened in the specified sequence, first to 22Nm torque, then in 3 more stages of 60 degree turns. Once the engine has been heated up to operating temp, they need to be tightened another 30-50 degrees. That was pretty much the most time consuming part, then it was just a matter of bolting the thermostat housing back on, exhaust manifold, distributor, throttle body and timing belt. Once that was done, the radiator got its reverse flushing and was remounted and piped in. While the cooling system was empty, we took the time to remove and test the thermostat (by putting it in boiling water and watching it open), which appeared to be working fine.

Well all that was left was to put some oil and coolant back in and give it a try, and guess what.. it started like a charm! wohooooooo

Chances are ive missed some bits and pieces above, dont think anything too important, so i appologise if anything is unclear.

Below is a pic of the head after it we got it back, notice the face is all shiny now! 🙂

Cylinder Head, after its been faced


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