Supercharged Camira..

Craig and Adam\’s attempt at adding an SC12 to a JE Camira wagon

Take #2

Posted by superchargedcamira on November 18, 2007

Ive decided to just do a cut down version of the original update that was lost due to a glitch in wordpress.

Firstly ill start with the tensioner. Basically its a designed based on how the chain tensioning system works on my old honda trailbike. It uses an adjustable bolt to push against the rear axle which can slid forward or backward a small amount. In the tensioners case, the bolt pushes against the base of a slidable rail which contains the pulley wheel and two lock nuts to hold it in place. There is about an inch worth of adjustment. Originally we had a 1010mm belt for the SC, however this had a bit too much slack in it, so we swapped it for a 990mm belt which is a perfect fit and is reasonably tight even with the tensioner at its lowest point.

Since we are now able to tension the belt, we got our electronics engineer mate greg to make us up a switch that we could use to engage and disengage the magnetic clutch on the supercharger. With the switch rigged up with some alligator clips, we fired up the engine and made sure the SC pulley was freewheeling properly and the belt alignment was good. Once this was confirmed, we engaged the switch and with a clunk the SC engaged. At this point, the SC was just sucking air in through its front intake, and blowing the compressed air out a piece of pipe connected to the exhaust port. The suprising thing was just how much air is pumped out even at idle. Its was also interesting to hear how the engine sounded with the expected supercharger whine.

So all good on that front, we looked at getting the intake flange finished and finish the rest of the required piping. We are modifying the original flanges that came with the SC to suit the new required orientation of the piping. We also need to make allowances for the 30mm bypass valve on the intake and exhaust piping that will be used when the supercharger is not engaged.

Well ill leave it there for now, hopefully we should have the new flanges back from adams mate warren during the week.


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