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A quick update

Posted by superchargedcamira on April 13, 2008

Since the last post, we have been busy finding bits and pieces on ebay. We manged to pick up some very nice 2.5inch aluminium intercooler piping. The 45 degree bent piece was a perfect fit to complete the pipping from the throttle body to the 50mm alloy piping coming from the intercooler. The conversion from 50mm to 62.5mm (2.5 inch) was done with a silicone turbo hose straight reducer. With the main piping now completed, only the 30mm bypass piping remains.

A new dash was also on the list, we picked up a dash from an SLE camira which has a tacho. This was something we had wanted for a while, as the big clock in the middle of our dash was pretty well useless.

A new clutch cable was also found and installed to make the car a little more ‘drivable’. The old cable used to stick a bit. During the installation of the new cable today, i discovered that the clutch return spring has snapped in two.


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