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Craig and Adam\’s attempt at adding an SC12 to a JE Camira wagon

A quick update

Posted by superchargedcamira on April 13, 2008

Since the last post, we have been busy finding bits and pieces on ebay. We manged to pick up some very nice 2.5inch aluminium intercooler piping. The 45 degree bent piece was a perfect fit to complete the pipping from the throttle body to the 50mm alloy piping coming from the intercooler. The conversion from 50mm to 62.5mm (2.5 inch) was done with a silicone turbo hose straight reducer. With the main piping now completed, only the 30mm bypass piping remains.

A new dash was also on the list, we picked up a dash from an SLE camira which has a tacho. This was something we had wanted for a while, as the big clock in the middle of our dash was pretty well useless.

A new clutch cable was also found and installed to make the car a little more ‘drivable’. The old cable used to stick a bit. During the installation of the new cable today, i discovered that the clutch return spring has snapped in two.


4 Responses to “A quick update”

  1. cuts205 said

    ahh, good to see another camira being modded, although im only doing stuff mine to get better fuel consumption(despite the fact they are already pretty good)
    might have to get one of those dashs, the old je 5′ clock just doesnt cut the mustard.
    all ive done to mine is a cold air intake, twin throttle bodies, each with their own pod filter, 2″ exhaust (no cat, 1 muffler 1 resonater).

    good work with the ecu stuff and boost guage.

  2. Bazz said

    WOO i have a camira, almost identical, just a sedan :D. DO MINE UP!! YEAAAHHH lol. i was searching the net for camira bodykits and i found this site. awesome job! hope all goes well and its good to see someone taking pride in one of these neat lil machines :).

  3. fishsoup2003 said

    I am impressed by what you two have achieved and especially the way you have presented it all on this website.

    Also aren’t the guys at Pulsar Group of Australia a great lot. The best Camira engine modifiers in the country it appears. I’ve got most of the details I need from their posts. I plan to do an elcheapo turbo install on a JE Camira. I also looked at supercharging but thought the belt drive would be too difficult as I wanted to keep the aircon and power steering. I thought the space between the crankshaft pulley and the body structure was too tight unless I went for a ‘one belt drives everything’ approach which I wasn’t keen on. I’m a mechanical engineer and you two computer programmers have done better than me on that score.

    Later I will also need to learn how to modify the Delco ECU memcal data for 2bar MAP, bigger injectors etc but I have a lot to do first. No way will I buy a fancy bullshit aftermarket ECU and pay another fortune to have it tuned. This approach cannot be justified with a cheap car.

    One constructive suggestion I would like to make though is that the air piping for your supercharger really is not good. Mitre bends, especially the horrible 90deg one at the intercooler inlet produce a lot more pressure losses due to turbulence than nicely rounded bends. The air speed in the tubing is very high at high revs and you will end up wasting a significant portion of your potential boost. It’s so easy to make up an efficient air pipe arrangement with aluminium and silicon bends and just clamp it all together or if you prefer, to weld the sections together. While everything is still easily accessible I really do encourage you to redo this part. Look around at other good turbo or supercharger installs and you won’t find any mitre bends. I’m starting to sound as grumpy as JohnL so I think I’ll piss off now.

    Good luck,

  4. Tom said

    Just to let everyone know it seems as if the pulsar forums have died and will not be re-instated ever again 😦 and I had about 40 pages left of reading about matty’s 20LE conversion to do..
    at least I found out which JE cam to get and the link to the msn community with the Zoom article on the JE buildup.
    ( )

    the best thing to do for turbo piping is to go to an exhaust place and ask them for as many 90 degree aluminium bends pieces as you need. then design up the pipework you need using pvc of a fitting size or even just clamping or cable tying the bends in place. when you know everything is tickety boo get a mate to tow your car into the exhaust place again and get them to supply the straight bits and weld it all together for you. I know a couple of people who have gone down this route and it was surprisingly inexpensive.

    oh and by the way Adam , your were correct, I checked the memcal the other day and it was AKFL 😉

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