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A rather busy saturday..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 21, 2008

Hey all,

During the week, the other two injectors we sourced got taken in for cleaning and flow testing and we were glad to hear that they were both good. So now we had a set of 4 good working bosch 0 280 150 706 injectors at our disposal which flow approx 25% more than the original stock 0 280 150 725 injectors. We made a pretty early start this morning, just after 9am and didnt end up finishing until around 4:30pm.

Fitting the new injectors in the end turned out to be easier than expected, minus a few small hiccups along the way. The new O-rings made the injectors fit into the fuel rather extremely easy, while still having a nice tight seal. We lowered the fuel rail back into place and reconnected all the fuel hoses and fuel pressure regulator. We turned on the ignition and let the fuel pump pressurise the system and then checked for any leaks. Everything seemed fine except for a strange gurgling sound from the fuel pump and a bit of a hissing sound from the injectors. We figured this was just air in the system as once the engine had been started the problem went away.

Before starting the car, we made a few new roms to try out, as we knew we would have to adjust the injector flow rate constant in the ECM. The only problem we had, was that we couldnt remember if the constant specified the flow rate of the injector, or the flow the engine could handle from the injector. If it was the first one, then obviously we would need to increase the flow rate, if it was the second then we would need to decrease the flow rate. We ended up just burning two sets of roms, one with a 25% increase, the other with a 25% decrease. Turns out option 2 was the correct one, as we later verified when looking back over some old posts on the pulsar forum where we had had this discussion 2 years ealier with kman. After some more playing around, the best setting ended up being a decrease of about 20% from an injector flow rate of 0.11 to 0.9 (using tuner pro).

During all this, we discovered that the battery was just about flat, and was struggling to turn over the engine, so we ended up having to pull the battery from the MR2 and use that instead. We also had an issue getting WinALDL to work (due to stupidity in the end, but hey.. we learnt something). Basically we had everything setup exactly the same as we had used plenty of times before, just we werent getting any data coming down the com port into winaldl. We thougth that the laptop we were using had a busted com port, so we drove to work to test it out, but found it in perfect working order… strange we thought.. we were a bit stumped, thinking maybe the adapter into the ECM diag port had broken, or perhaps low battery voltage was causing it not to work properly, but in the end it was a much simpler problem. The problem was that since we got the new dash (with the tachco), not all the connectors in the dash had been plugged back in, and it turns out that one of these completes the circuit to the diag port.. most likely the engine warning lights section, as this can be used to flash error codes during servicing.  No harm done, just a bit of wasted time.

So back to the interesting stuff, we logged a run with the new .09 injector flow rom (using the original 1 bar map sensor btw, and a modified 1 bar rom), and the BLMs and INTs all looked good. The car was nice to drive, very responsive and smooth.

Next we attempted to get a 2 bar rom going with the new injectors. While we had the ROMS in the UV eraser we decided to fire up the supercharger and blow out the pipes, as it hadnt been run in a while, and hadnt been run since the bypass/blowoff valve and pod filter had been attached. To our suprise, the air filter had changed the sound of the supercharger a bit, it is a much deeper drone now than previous, sounded pretty good. We also noticed when putting our hand close to the open end of the pipe that exits the intercooler, you could feel the turbulance in the airflow likely caused by the sharp mitre join on the intercooler inlet. Will be interesting to see if a nice smooth silicone bend would reduce that turbulance significantly. There appears to be heaps of those turbo silicone hoses on ebay from singapore for bugger all (around 99c haha), only thing is the postage is around $25, so it would still add up in the end.

Anyway, back to the 2bar. Looking at all the 2 bar roms we had made in the past, turns out neither of us could remember which was our best one.. it was a year and a half ago that we last worked on the roms. We narrowed it down to a few possibilities based on time/date stamps on the files, and posts on this website of our progress in 2 bar development. From the injector flow changes we made to the 1 bar rom, we tried to extrapolate the required changes for the 2 bar rom. We found that a .15 2 bar rom seemed to drive the best, and idle fine, however our logged runs indicated that the BLMs were too low, down to the 102 range. We decided that ‘guessing’ on what to change to sort it out would be a bit of a waste of time, we both really need to sit down and read over the old posts here and on the pulsar forums to refresh our memorys on the ROM stuff.

So really now, our next task is to tune up our two bar rom so its behaving as expected with the standard air intake, bigger injectors and 2 bar map, then we can look at firing up the supercharger and force feeding her some boost!.

Before we go and do any sort of power/speed testing, there are a few things that definately need attention before that happens.
Firstly it seems that the cam shaft cover has a small oil leak, which seems to get worse as it is pushed harder. One of the bolts for the cover has pretty much always been threaded, so we will need to rethread the hole for a slightly bigger bolt so we can tension it properly.
Secondly, the tyres on the car are rather old, the rubber is getting quite hard causing the grip level to be much lower than desired. Luckily we should be getting a set of 15 inch rims and tyres donated from a friend in a few weeks. We will then also need to get a wheel alignment done, as currently the steering wheel is around 35-45 degrees when you want to drive straight!.. not good. Hopefully the new tyres and an alignment will make it much more pleasant to drive and a bit more stable on the road.

I know i said i was going to post some photos, but the new batterys i got dont seem to work with my camera, no idea why. They are exactly the same spec, just a slightly better MAh rating, but the camera wont even switch on with them. The other issue is that we had to put all the lights and bumpers back on before we went and did our logging runs, so the bypass/blowoff and finished piping arent really visible anymore. I will endevour to get some pics at some point and post them though.

Oh well, if your still reading my dribble this far down the page, thats a good effort, you must be really bored 😉

Craig and Adam

PS: Below are links to a couple of useful pdfs we found. The first is very handy, has all the bosch part numbers in vehicles by make and model. The second has some info on injector specs, flow rates etc. Is somewhat useful, although im sure we found a better one out there previously.


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Whats been happening..

Posted by superchargedcamira on June 15, 2008

Hey all,

Its been a while since the last post, so just thought id update everyone on whats been going on. The pipework and bypass/blowoff was completed a few weeks ago, however my digital camera batteries had died so i had to order some new ones. I will post an article on that soon, as i have got the new batteries.

We took the fuel rail off the car so we could take the existing injectors and rail to EFI industries along with the bigger injectors we sourced from ebay earlier. Unfortunately two of the larger injectors are useless, they spent a few days in the cleaning tubs at EFI and just wouldnt come up. So basically we have had to try and source another two of that model which we managed to find at a local wreckers. Adam is taking them over to EFI for cleaning and flow testing tomorrow, so fingers crossed that these two come up good. If this is the case, then we should be able to get back to work next weekend and get her running with the bigger injectors. This will require a little bit of ROM tuning, but hopefully not too much.

Its been nice to see some constructive feedback from some of the guys reading this blog. Andrew (FIshsoup2003) mentioned about the mitre joins we have on the piping, especially the sharp 90 degree one going into the intercooler would create a fair bit of turbulance, especially as the boost pressure increases. We figured this would be the case, so we tried to open up that bend as much as possible, however nothing would beat a nice smooth silicone bend. At the moment we are not too worried, as first thing is to see if this project will actually work, and currently the pipework costs us nothing, whereas silicone costs money. I will keep an eye out from some cheap silicone bends on ebay to replace it with, or eventually as tom suggested we could look at getting an exhaust company to create the proper bends for us.

Anyhow, we hope to have some more updates and pictures quite soon, assuming the injectors come up good and we can get back to it.

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