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Craig and Adam\’s attempt at adding an SC12 to a JE Camira wagon

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Posted by superchargedcamira on June 15, 2008

Hey all,

Its been a while since the last post, so just thought id update everyone on whats been going on. The pipework and bypass/blowoff was completed a few weeks ago, however my digital camera batteries had died so i had to order some new ones. I will post an article on that soon, as i have got the new batteries.

We took the fuel rail off the car so we could take the existing injectors and rail to EFI industries along with the bigger injectors we sourced from ebay earlier. Unfortunately two of the larger injectors are useless, they spent a few days in the cleaning tubs at EFI and just wouldnt come up. So basically we have had to try and source another two of that model which we managed to find at a local wreckers. Adam is taking them over to EFI for cleaning and flow testing tomorrow, so fingers crossed that these two come up good. If this is the case, then we should be able to get back to work next weekend and get her running with the bigger injectors. This will require a little bit of ROM tuning, but hopefully not too much.

Its been nice to see some constructive feedback from some of the guys reading this blog. Andrew (FIshsoup2003) mentioned about the mitre joins we have on the piping, especially the sharp 90 degree one going into the intercooler would create a fair bit of turbulance, especially as the boost pressure increases. We figured this would be the case, so we tried to open up that bend as much as possible, however nothing would beat a nice smooth silicone bend. At the moment we are not too worried, as first thing is to see if this project will actually work, and currently the pipework costs us nothing, whereas silicone costs money. I will keep an eye out from some cheap silicone bends on ebay to replace it with, or eventually as tom suggested we could look at getting an exhaust company to create the proper bends for us.

Anyhow, we hope to have some more updates and pictures quite soon, assuming the injectors come up good and we can get back to it.


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