Supercharged Camira..

Craig and Adam\’s attempt at adding an SC12 to a JE Camira wagon

Zoom Zoom Zoom..

Posted by superchargedcamira on August 10, 2008

Just a quick update on this weekends progress. More good things im happy to report.

On saturday i managed to finish off the work on the custom oil catch can. I picked up a small air filter and connector with a thread, then cut a thread into the top of the catch can to fit. The fitting could then be screwed straight in and the air filter (breather) attached easily to the top. While getting the air filter, i also picked up some more vaccum hose to replace the old split hose that went to the fuel pressure regulator. Apart from that also just cleaned up the outside of the catch can with the grinder and migwelder to make it look somewhat nice. Adam is going to give it a coat of POR15 to finish it off though.

Today we made an attempt at getting the speedo cable through the firewall and into the correct location. It was much easier with two of us. It also helped that we had better light and could see the hole it was supposed to be fed through. So now the speedo is working great, however the ECU is still not getting any speed sensor data, so we still need to figure out why. Whats also annoying is that the fuel gauge has also stopped working.

We went and bought some extra hosing for the oil catch can and connected it all up. Once that was done, we started it up and alas our oil problem was solved. Time to go for a drive we thought. We went out to our usual deserted location and proceeded to check everything was as expected before putting the foot down and seeing what it could do. We did a fair bit of running on boost and everything worked well. There was no oil leaks and the engine and intake temps were all normal. We found that at around the 40-50% throttle mark it pulled quite hard, however after that point the power delivery was not too smooth. It felt like the engine was leaning out. Considering we hadnt really mapped out our top end fuel delivery very well, we should have expected this would happen. So now we need to sit down and work out the proper air/fuel ratios for the above 1 bar part of the map. So the great news is, the car is working perfectly with the supercharger and all the latest mods, we just need to tune it better.

When we got back, we also played around with hooking up our little LED O2 and Map meters so we could have a visual display of both those sensors. Originally when we hooked it up we found it seemed to interfere with the ECU sometimes. This time we used a better earth directly on the chassis (rather than through the radio/casette jack) and just took power from the accessories pin of the jack. This seemed to work better and didnt appear to interfere with the MAP.

So basically, we just need to tune the ECU rom better for when were are over around 1bar of map. Then once we think we have that somewhat right, dyno time! I will post some pics later of the custom oil catch can once its been painted with the POR15.


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