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Craig and Adam\’s attempt at adding an SC12 to a JE Camira wagon

Holy smokes!

Posted by superchargedcamira on August 17, 2008

Well today was quite productive today and left a massive grin from ear to ear on both of our faces.

Our first issue today was the VSS (vehicle speed sensor). It hadnt been giving us a reading in the ALDL diagnostics for quite some time so we decided to test our old dash to see if that still worked (seeing as we now had a new speedo cable). Long story short we ended up finding the connecting cable to the VSS was bung on the new tacho dash so we did a frankenstein and made a “good” dash from both clusters – keeping the tacho ofcourse.

The next problem was fine tuning our rom from last week. We decided to revise the workings of the Delco and do plenty of reading. Craig researched the spark advance and how we should tackle the boost section of the map. We basically copied the progression of the standard graph shape of other spark advance tables we looked at from off the internet – noteably from a V8 2 bar rom we had obtained in the past. The car seemed to be fine and wasnt noticably knocking. We revised the A/F ratio open loop table and richened up the boost section of the map to a healthy 12.8:1 or thereabouts as it was the open loop section (basically when you are giving it heaps haha) that we really wanted to make sure the car was having enough fuel and wasnt going to lean out. Our o2 sensor gave us the good news indicating a nice middle to rich reading under WOT. After giving the car heaps and it not blowing up on us, we were giggling like school girls! haha..

The car is noticably quick with the supercharger on. To give the readers some idea – as we havent been able to road dyno the car yet – we timed a rolling start in 2nd from around 1500rpm to 6000rpm and with the supercharger off obtained a time of 9.69 seconds. With the supercharger on doing the same test on the same strip we recorded 6.3 seconds.

Next problem we desperately need to fix is the rear engine mount. It still makes the car feel like its going to fall apart and really makes some interesting noises especially under acceleration with the supercharger on. We will need to attend to this problem and will obviously update the site on our attempt at doing so.. so until then… oh by the way, here is a photo of our home made oil catch can with breather. Hope i havent missed anything, im sure Craig will update with any more info if I have.


4 Responses to “Holy smokes!”

  1. mike said

    hey man ive been trying to join the N13 pulsar forum youre on so I can talk too you about the 2 BAR $5D tune that youve been working with ive been working with it for a while now can tell you how too turn the V8 version onto 4 cylinder with one simple click and can see in the tunes posted on the forum why its not running like it should send me an email asap at sick of waiting for account verification on that site.

  2. fishsoup2003 said

    Great to see it’s all coming together. Well done to you guys, Kman, JohnL and the other Pulsar Group petronerds for proving all the doubters wrong and showing YOU DON’T NEED TO GO AFTERMARKET MANAGEMENT. I hope you’ll make your $5D map ‘open source’ when finished as then I’ll be one of those using it as a starting point for my elcheapo turbo Camiras.

    Looking at the photo of your catch can, did you reconnect the discharge hose onto the throttle body? The discharge hose should go from the catch can to an unboosted part of the air inlet circuit i.e. between the air filter and the supercharger (upstream of the supercharger). Is a portion of your boosted air now ‘pissing out’ through the catch can filter or is there a one way valve? Your catch can maybe works differently?

    An alternative arrangement which I don’t like is a catch can that vents all crankcase gases (after removing most liquids) through the catch cans air filter. This arrangement is polluting, illegal? and will eventually deposit an oily residue over everything. Maybe this is what you have but then what is the discharge hose for on your arrangement?

    Another point to consider is the catch can collects nearly all the oil and water/fuel/crud from the crankcase gases so that only gases are recycled back to the engine air inlet. It therefore needs to be routinely emptied, a site gauge helps here. How is yours emptied? Does it have some sort of overflow instead? CONFUSED!

  3. Mike, hows it going.. all is good with the rom now but id be interested in seeing the V8 rom you talk about and your expertise with the Delco.

    Fishsoup, email sent πŸ™‚

  4. Hey mate just stumbled across your little beast here. Absoloutly ausome!

    I started an sc14 camira project myself bout 6 years ago but never got the opportunity to finish it due to money issues at the time (student). i actually managed to squeeze it between the radiator and block in the same position as yours but restricted my outlet aera a little bit. i believe i’ve still got a massivly ported cylinder head thats been sitting out my old mans backyard for nearly 6 years, not sure if its still there but if so your welcome to it. better then me throwing it out πŸ™‚

    after many years abuse during my p plates the old cammed and extrator equipped camira is still ticking on im told, relegated to shack car duties. Current project is a turbo 351 zh fairlane, waiting on the final bits an peices now so i know how you guys feel πŸ™‚

    top work, cheers

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