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Preliminary Home Dyno Testing

Posted by superchargedcamira on September 7, 2008

Hi all,

Spent some time playing around with the inductive pickup the other day, trying to figure out how to get a cleaner signal. After numerous tests in different configurations we came up with a setup that appeared to work quite well. Basically what we wanted was a wave form with the nicest signal per pulse, and the least amount of noise or interference the rest of the time. Suprisingly the best results came from actually turning the inductive pickup the other way around. They come with an arrow on them which is supposed to point to the distributor (from memory anyway), but we found that turning it around so the arrow pointed to the spark plug gave a far cleaner signal. We also found that keeping the pickup in the middle of the lead so it was as far away from the spark plug and distributor as possible also resulted in less noise. Another modification to the pickup was to earth it to the car instead of the recording device. We still kept the resistor and capacitor in circuit as this helped smooth the signal.

So in summary, the best results from the inductive pickup required the following
1. Arrow on pickup to point towards spark plug rather than distributor
2. Pickup to be located in the middle of the spark lead, longer leads are better to use.
3. Earth the pickup to the battery terminal earth or chassis earth rather than the recording device.
4. A recording device that can actually record at a decent sample rate! (the higher the better)

Point 4 refers to a discovery we made during the preliminary testing, which you may notice in the dyno graphs provided at the end of this post. What we didnt realise was that the voice recorder we bought ages ago to record these runs does not actually sample at a high enough bitrate to give an accurate reading in the homedyno software. To our suprise the record was only rated for 19200bps, which translates to 2.4khz. The minimum we should really be working with is 11khz. A laptop can record at up to 48khz. This lack of resolution becomes noticable in the higher rev ranges when the graph becomes more ‘jumpy’ than it should. This is purely down to the lack of resolution, which can result in the hp and torque figures not being as accurate as they should be. So for now we will have to go back to a laptop for our next recordings, however i have found that there are some portable voice recorders that can record at 128kpbs which is at the 16khz mark, so should be suitable for this purpose.

We ran a preliminary dyno test on the camira with the supercharger on and off which presented us with some interesting results.

Original Test (Jun 2006): 1 bar (factory akfl rom) – 87hp @ 4900 rpm, 93 lb/ft @ 4900 rpm
New Test 1: 2 bar rom, supercharger off – 65hp @ 5200 rpm, 84 lb/ft @ 3700 rpm
New Test 2: 2 bar rom, supercharger on – 112hp @ 6000 rpm, 120 lb/ft @ 3900 rpm

The first thing we noticed was that the 2 bar rom tuning with the supercharger off was actually a fair way down on power compared to our original dyno runs we did in 2006 at the start of this project. As you can see, the original akfl rom was producing 87hp and 93 lb/ft, whereas the 2bar rom is only producing 65hp and 84 lb/ft. This indicates that our tuning for 2 bar is nowhere near as good as it should be. While it does drive ok, it does feel quite unresponsive when you put your foot down. In contrast, with the supercharger on its producing around the 112hp mark, a whopping 72% hp increase between SC on and off. That power difference is certainly noticable, the car really comes alive when you turn the SC on. However when you compare the SC power with the original power from the akfl rom, its a 28% power increase.

So what does that tell us.. well basically it appears that we need to look at tuning the lower map areas better for when the supercharger is off, as we should be able to get that same 87hp with the SC off.  We also need to perform some more tuning to see if we can eek some more power out of the supercharged mapping.

Another thing to remember though, was that the original factory akfl rom was always a better (read more powerful, better tuned) rom that the amxy rom we used as the base for the 2 bar conversion. While we would very much have liked to start from the akfl base, we didnt have the required ECU map to be able to modify the components we required.

Whether or not we can get more power out of the tuning, its still brings a huge grin to our faces everytime we put our foot down and listen to that supercharger scream. Hopefully we can get some video up soon to demonstrate.


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