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Craig and Adam\’s attempt at adding an SC12 to a JE Camira wagon

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Long awaited video evidence..

Posted by superchargedcamira on November 23, 2008

Hi all, we promised ages ago to post some videos of the supercharged camira but due to issues with my camera and general issues of laziness đŸ˜‰ its taken me until now to actually make some. Nothing too special however, just a look at the engine running with the SC and a run down the road flat out through first and second gear. Unfortunately the sound is a little poor so it doesnt quite convey the great noise we get from this thing. Enjoy!

Oh yes and dont forget, if anyone is interested, the car is up for sale.


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Its for sale!

Posted by superchargedcamira on November 3, 2008

You read correctly! Our project is now complete (well to our level of completeness! haha) We have decided to sell the project as we have reached our main goal. We arent interested in making it go faster or modify it further performance wise, perhaps thats its life for the next owner..

Here are a few summarized details:

White JE Camira wagon 1987, 2.0 litre, 5sp man

Engine rebuilt by previous owner

New engine mounts all round

New head gasket

New clutch cable

New speedo cable

SLE Tacho dash

Supercharger (SC12) from a mid 80’s Toyota MR2 AW11


Custom ECU tuned (running stock Delco computer)

Custom Crank Pulley (sized to run 7psi)

2 Bar map sensor


Larger TP Magna injectors 

Power steering and air conditioning removed (that’s where the s/c lives now) 

Around 30-40% increase in power over stock 85kw output. The supercharger is operated via a manual button on the dash. The car can be driven fine with the supercharger turned off but when you need to power – just press the button! Starting price is $2500 but is negotiable. Some spares included. Registered till January 09. Very fun to drive! The car is located in Perth, northern suburbs..

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