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Project Wrap Up

Posted by superchargedcamira on December 17, 2008

Well now that the project has pretty much completely wrapped up, i thought i would post some information on what it actually cost us to do this project. The table below shows the overall costs by category. The misc costs ended up being the highest, and these were largely vehicle registration and insurance costs 😦

Part / Description Cost Description
Car Cost 900.00 Cost of purchasing the car
Tuning Costs 182.08 Cost of tuning the car
Supercharging Costs 1,340.07 Cost to supercharge the car
Misc Costs 1,752.74 Misc costs associated with the project
Repair Cost 619.57 Cost to repair existing problems with the car
Total Project Cost 4,794.46    

The repair costs were pretty much an added cost that was incurred due to the history of the vehicle we purchased. It appeared to have had a good thrashing, hence all the broken engine mounts. It had also been sitting a while, had incorrect timing and various other problems. The main reason we still bought this car in the first place was that the engine itself felt quite strong, and the engine was going to be one of the key parts of the project.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of the costs involved.

Part / Description Cost Description
Car Cost 900.00
Camira 900.00 The initial cost of purchasing the car
Tuning Costs 182.08
Home Dyno 54.44 The dyno software purchased to get horsepower and torque readings
Inductive Pickup 39.95 Inductive pickup used to record spark lead pulses
Voice Recorder 87.69 Tool used to record the signal from the inductive pickup
Supercharging Costs 1,340.07
Ziff Socket 12.00 Soldered to the Delco ECM to allow easy swapping of ROMs
2 Bar Map Sensor 108.25 MAP sensor to allow up to 2 bar manifold pressure
Supercharger 250.00 SC12 supercharger from a toyota 4agze engine
Intercooler 119.00 china cheapie intercooler from internet
JB Radiator 55.00 JB camira radiator to replace JE (for size reasons)
1MZ Crank Pulley 110.00 Crank pulley from a 2001 toyota camry
Machined sleave for crank pulley 95.00 The machined sleave that was custom made to fit the new crank pulley to the camiras existing pulley mounts
4 M8 (60mm) cap screws 3.80 cap screws to attach pulley and sleave
3pk alternator belt 20.70 3pk ribbed belt for alternator to crank pulley
5pk sc belt 26.31 5pk ribber belt for supercharger to crank pulley
radiator hose, clips, coolant 38.40 new hose, clips and coolant for attaching JB radiator
one way/pcv valves, clips and adapter 50.36 one way valves to prevent boost going where its not wanted
air filter 56.50 new air filter to fit to SC intake
50mm hose, 35mm hose, clips 55.90 hoses and clips for SC -> intercooler and SC -> bypass valve
injectors 78.00 injectors (second hand)
injector cleaning 120.00 cleaning of the second hand injectors
intercooler pipes 66.00 chrome intercooler pipe (expander pipe before throttle body)
vac hose, clamps, copper T piece, bolts 29.65 bypass valve vaccum hookup
catch can filter, bits, hoses 45.20 catch can bits and pieces
Misc Costs 1,752.74
Car Stands 35.00 hard stands to sit the car on when the wheels were off
Vehicle License Transfer 32.95 stamp duty on original purchase
3rd party insurance 439.34 3 years of 3rd party insurance
Flexible tubing 20.00 temporary cold air induction we were trying out early on
camira dash with tacho 84.50 we wanted a dash with a tacho
Fuel 140.00 cars don’t run on just love
Rego 6 months 1,000.95 excessive govt costs for a car that was barely on the road
Repair Cost 619.57
Camira Service Manual 35.95 worth the money, very handy reference
Engine Mount FR 136.56 3 engine mounts
Heat Wrap 55.00 heat wrap for the extractors
Misc bits and pieces 65.51 cv clips, fuel vac and brake hoses, fuel filter, fan belt, coolant
Ignition Leads 26.77 ignition leads as the old ones were cracked
Spark Plugs 10.39 why not didn’t cost too much
Oil + Filter 38.98 to make sure it had new oil and filter
head gaskets, head bolts 180.91 gaskets, head bolts, loctite, o rings, rocker grease for head rebuild
clutch cable 39.50 old one was not very nice, bit sticky
speedo cable 30.00 old one snapped

So there you have it, thats what it takes to do your own supercharging of a camira. Keep in mind, there were a few things that we got for no cost, such as the main 50mm intercooler piping, the modifications to the SC inlets, the brackets etc. This was either because we did it ourselves (eg designed and built the brackets from stuff we had laying around), or had mates who owed us favours (in the case of the intercooler piping and SC intake mods).

Probably the biggest expense that we didnt really consider at the start of the project was how much it costs to keep a motor vehicle registered and insured (even though it was only 3rd party insurance). Unfortunately these things cost you periodically whether or not you have even used the car.

Cheers and have a great xmas and new years to everyone from Craig and Adam.


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Posted by superchargedcamira on December 17, 2008

The car has now sold. Good luck to the new owner and thanks again to everyone that helped us along the way.

Cheers, Adam and Craig.

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