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Happy Easter

Posted by superchargedcamira on March 24, 2008

Its been a while since our last post, we havent had an aweful lot of time to work on the project since jan.

Since last time, we have managed to buy some more bits and pieces for the intercooler piping and do a bit of welding to make some supports for that piping. We also bought our air filter and some bigger injectors. The air filter came from a company called UniFilter ( Due to our space restrictions, we went with a custom induction pod. The injectors we picked up from ebay, they are from a TR magna and will fit directly into the camira. The injector is very similar to the current injectors just with a higher flow rate which will allow us to get to our estimated power output.

Below is a pic of the injectors, and a couple of pics of the intercooler piping and air filter. The piping coming out of the bottom left of the intercooler is just a representation of where the piping will be going when complete, it is not the actual piping. The piping from the bottom right to the supercharger outlet is complete. The air filter is the bright red thing you will notice coming out of the front of the supercharger in the two closeup pics.

Injectors Piping and air filter (close up) Piping and Air filter closeup 2 Piping from further back Piping from further back (front)


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